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Monthly Inspections

Monthly inspections are important for businesses in the state of Texas.

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The state requires that all fire safety equipment be checked monthly to ensure they are in proper working order in the event an emergency arises.

This requirement can be found in the NFPA 10 manual that First Quality Fire abides by.

Some companies will choose to forego doing any type of monthly inspection. This is a very risky move. If at any point the Fire Marshal decides to make a visit to do an inspection, you can be fined for not having your extinguishers checked on a monthly basis.

Many businesses opt to have one of their own employees do these monthly checks, and while that does fulfill the legal requirement, it is not necessarily the safest option for your business.

If the individual who is doing these monthly inspections does not know what they are looking for or is lax in their inspection, they can overlook some very easy to miss details that show your equipment is in danger of being unusable.

We have seen many companies who have opted to use their own people will have extinguishers that have been “out of service” for months, but were still signed off on by their employee(s).


If a fire were to occur and that piece of equipment didn’t work due to it being inoperable, your company would be liable for that equipment being out of service since your own employee was doing the monthly service checks.

Entrusting this service to First Quality Fire is a smart move to ensure your equipment will always be ready to use if an emergency arises.

Our monthly inspections include us checking to make sure your extinguishers: are properly charged with the appropriate chemical and pressure, that the extinguisher has not been discharged (whether intentionally or accidentally), have not been dropped or knocked off the wall by large equipment or other circumstances, remounting fire equipment that has come loose from the wall, ensuring your extinguishers are still properly sealed and tagged per state requirements, checking that the extinguisher is not blocked and has the required 3’ x 3’ clearance, are damage free by wiping them down to remove dust and grime buildup, and overall looking for signs that your equipment is wearing down or needs to be replaced soon.

If you trust us with your monthly extinguisher inspections, you can rest assured that we will not charge you for services you do not need. We do not charge extra to re-seal or re-tag your extinguishers.

We only charge you for the inspection being performed and any necessary services to keep your extinguishers in prime working condition.
If Southwest Airlines all across the U.S. and all of Children’s Medical Center in DFW can trust us with their monthly extinguisher inspections, so can you!
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