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Fire Extinguisher Inspections Dallas TX

Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspection Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Required for businesses operating in the state of Texas​

Monthly inspections are essential to the safety of your employees and property.​

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Texas law mandates monthly fire safety equipment checks to ensure they function properly during emergencies.

We at First Quality Fire abide by the requirement found in the NFPA 10 manual.

First Quality Fire Extinguisher Inspection Dallas

We inspect fire extinguishers every month in Dallas, TX, and Fort Worth to ensure excellent fire safety for businesses and residents. We take pride in our exceptional customer service and remain committed to safeguarding the communities in North Texas. Our experts inspect and service portable fire extinguishers to meet industry standards, ensuring thoroughness and meticulousness.

In addition to inspections, we offer hydrostatic testing to ensure the integrity of the extinguishers. We are a licensed fire protection company that provides reliable fire safety services in different areas of the region. Your property will be ready for fire emergencies with our fire extinguisher inspection and fire alarm testing.

First Quality Fire Dallas TX

Companies that forego monthly inspections are taking a significant risk.

Having your employees do monthly checks may meet the legal requirement, but it's not the safest choice for your business. Call us for more info on our fire extinguisher inspection in Dallas, TX, and Fort Worth service areas.

The Fire Marshal can fine you if they visit and find that you have not checked your extinguishers properly.

Your company will be liable if a local fire occurs and your equipment is out of service.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Dallas TX
First Quality Fire Dallas TX

We know what to look for to ensure your equipment is in prime working condition.​

Our monthly inspections include thoroughly checking your extinguishers to ensure they are in proper working condition.

We test the chemicals and pressure. We also verify if someone has used the extinguisher. Additionally, we ensure that we seal and tag it correctly according to state rules.

We provide additional services to keep your equipment in good condition. These services include repositioning fire equipment, checking for obstructions and ensuring sufficient space, and cleaning to remove dust and dirt buildup.

FIrst Quality Fire

Having us do monthly inspections protects your business and guarantees that your equipment is always prepared for emergencies.

We don't charge extra for re-sealing or re-tagging your extinguishers.

Our prices are affordable. They can save you from potential fines and liability costs. We ensure monthly fire extinguisher inspections in Fort Worth.

Fire Extinguisher Recharge Dallas
First Quality Fire Equipment Company

We only charge for the inspection and any necessary services to keep your extinguishers in prime working condition.

Our clients trust us with their monthly extinguisher inspections because they know we are reliable and efficient and provide quality services.​

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First Quality Fire in Dallas
First Quality Fire in Dallas TX

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