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Fire Extinguisher Training Classes in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Our fire safety specialists visit your location to make sure your staff are properly prepared for emergencies.


Hands-On Training​

Fire Extinguisher Training: Protecting Lives and Property

Fire extinguishers are useless if your employees don’t have the skills to use them. Keep your team and property safe by booking a class.

First Quality Fire
First Quality Fire Team

Book fire extinguisher training in Dallas, Texas, for your business! Receive guided lessons in fire safety and how to handle an extinguisher.

First Quality Fire Team

If space allows, employees can practice shooting off the fire extinguishers themselves.

Fulfill OSHA and Insurance Requirements

Ensure you train your employees to handle all different variables in an emergency.

What Our Classes Cover:​

  • When to use an extinguisher

  • When NOT to use an extinguisher

  • Explanation of your company’s emergency evacuation plan

  • Good housekeeping practices (i.e., inspection services, don't block extinguishers, don't use frayed extension cords, etc.)

  • How long it takes from the start of a fire to when the flames will reach the roof of the building

  • How to use an extinguisher

  • Maintenance and fire extinguisher recharge in Dallas

  • At-home safety practices (i.e., explain evacuation plans to your children, test your smoke detectors/change batteries, etc.)

  • Reminders to always pull the fire alarm if a fire occurs, even if it is manageable by a fire extinguisher. The fire department will still need to check that the fire is completely out and all hazards are cleared.

First Quality Fire

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First Quality Fire

Give Us a Call!​

See if First Quality Fire services your area. Our customer service reps will schedule a time for our team to train your employees on-site in fire protection. Book your fire extinguisher class in Dallas, Texas, today by reach out to us!

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