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Fire Extinguisher Training Classes

Our techs will visit you on site to ensure your staff have the proper training in the event of an emergency.​


Hands-On Training​

Fire Extinguisher Training: Protecting Lives and Property

Fire extinguishers are worthless if your employees don’t know how to use them ​


Receive guided lessons in fire safety and how to handle an extinguisher. ​


If space allows, employees will practice shooting off the fire extinguishers themselves. ​

Fulfill OSHA and Insurance Requirements​

Ensure your employees are trained to handle all different variables in an emergency.​

What Our Classes Cover:​

  • When to use an extinguisher​

  • When not to use an extinguisher​

  • Explanation of your company’s emergency evacuation plan​

  • Explanation of good housekeeping practices (don't block extinguishers, don't hang stuff on extinguishers or fire sprinklers, don't use frayed extension cords, don't leave open liquids sitting around, etc.)

  • How long it takes from the start of a fire to when the flames will reach the roof of the building​

  • How to use an extinguisher​

  • Reminding employees to use the same practices at home - explain evacuation plans to your children periodically, keep at least one extinguisher in the home, and test your smoke detectors/change batteries to make sure they are always in working condition​

  • Reminder to always pull the fire alarm in the event of a fire, even if it is manageable by fire extinguisher. The fire department will still need to check that the fire is completely out and all hazards are cleared.​


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We will set up a time for our team to train your employees on-site​

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